Video Playlists

  • 01

    Short video Q&A

    • How to deal with stress?

    • The truth about awakening

    • Does awakened person feels other awakened people?

    • Masculine and Feminine energy

    • Inner work after awakening

    • What is Givin School? Who we are and what we do?

    • What is true Human Evolution?

    • How to pray properly?

    • Who is the master of our lives?

    • What is the meaning of the team on a path to awakening?

    • Turn off the Dostoevsky regime. Find your inner joy! Nikita Borodulin

    • How to go beyond all illusions?

    • What is purpose of life?

    • Why do we search for a present moment.

    • How to open the heart

    • SEX after spiritual awakening | Sex and spirituality

    • How to meditate correctly?

    • Magic of being quiet

    • How to deal with heavy addiction? Bulimia

  • 02

    Awakening stories

    • Stories of awakening from the students of the school

    • How world changes after Awakening, Ieva Vasiliauskaite

  • 03

    Feedback after life events

    • Feedback from people who took part in live events

    • Transcending Consonance Meditation review by Anna Sokol

    • Transcending Consonance Meditation review by Alexander Fridman

    • Feedback on Paradanta meditation with Myroslava Zinkevych

    • Feedback on Paradanta Meditation with Julia Khromova

    • Retreat review with Gintare Kubiliene

  • 04

    Theory supported by practice

    • Theory supported by practice